Learning how to learn Journey with Generasi Gigih

Generasi Gigih by YABB and GOJEK

According to The World Bank. The demand in Indonesia for tech talent continues outstripping supply and the talent pool is just not growing fast enough. Then, World Bank estimates that between 2015 and 2030, there will be a shortage of 9 million skilled and semi-skilled ICT workers in Indonesia. The reason why behind the tech talent shortage phenomena is We were not ready.

src: https://geekhunter.co/tech-talent-shortage-in-indonesia/

So that, Gojek and YABB come with this program to catch up with Indonesia’s young tech talent to have the right skills and growth mindset. In this Beginner Phase (self-paced) we learn with Progate, Cakap (English for a software engineer), XL Future Leader (leadership for soft skills).

Why Generasi Gigih?

Before we start, lemme tell you about Generasi Gigih. What’s Generasi Gigih? So, Generasi means Generation and Gigih means Persistent. Generasi Gigih is a program for gen-Z who wants to learn more (deep learning) about tech, also always keep trying and never give up. Generasi Gigih is a container for people who work hard play hard. Then, we face a lot of competition and learn new things here. Also, soft skill is a must not only hard skill. This program held by Gojek and YABB (Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa).

Where do I know Generasi Gigih ?

Alright, first things first I knew this program from my cousin. She’s scrolling her Instagram and told me that Gojek and Yabb collaborate to make Indonesia’s Young tech talent improve their skills.

src: lifeatgojek
I accepted YEAYY

I register for this program and taking a test for English. But, I do not realize that tomorrow is the last day for sending a CV and essay which I’ve been doing an English test and make an essay. Sadly, the registered program was closed. How shocked I'm, I got an email from Generasi Gigih that the program is re-open. Thank God, I was shocked and I do not believe that I was accepted into this program.

The topic that I learned from people who inspire me!

This is the series that I love, cause they motivate us to be persistent. How they gave us a lot of knowledge and new insight.

webinar Ignite Series 01: Aleisha Fiona

In this ignite series with Ka Ale, She teaches us about Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn. I’m so grateful can discuss this topic. Actually, we almost face this phase and don't know how to do this. With Ka Ale, I got a new insight and practice my brain to do this technique.

schema of learn, unlearn and relearn
  1. Learn -> it means absorbing the knowledge that you may not know before.
  2. Unlearn -> unlearn means discard or format past knowledge.
  3. Relearn -> relearn means repeat or connect initial knowledge that we already know.

webinar Ignite Series 02: Opan Mustopah

Self-learning 101 for tech talent with Ka Opan, He gave us tips and tricks to be a tech talent. So, this is it. Here we go!

  1. Choose your interest and purpose before you learn it! If you know what makes you interest. You can stick to your goals and commit to learning them.
  2. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND PRACTICE. If you only read documentation, you don't know the process and fixing bugs, etc.
  3. Make a project on your GitHub cause it would be a best practice.
  4. Freelance (optional) if you want.

Ka Opan also gave tips for Effective Engineer

  1. A growth mindset is a must! and make it into your habit.
  2. Searching for a great opportunity to help you to grow and get an experience (out from your comfort zone).

And last but not least, you have to practise your English. It’s really important cause the doc is all in English. And don't be shy if your English not great enough. Let's practice it together!

webinar Ignite Series 03: Kevin Aluwi

Here’s the last session with Ka Kevin. He’s so inspired me to be brave with change-makers. He’s shared a lot of motivation stories about him and Gojek. He said that before Gojek raised like this, society has a lot of negative stigma about Gojek and At the first Gojek maybe not growing to be a bigger company. But, It was not true and right now Gojek makes our life easier.

I remember, Ka Kevin said that if you have a realistic ambition and purpose to get it. You can get it, but it must be realistic. If it's not it would be hard to get it.

That’s it from me. Hope that my journey can motivate you and also always try. Hope it helps!. See you on my next journey. Bye

— BigLove, Aca

Full Stack Javascript Developer